Design and Product Development Capabilities

The Pronghorn Solutions Engineering team has over 100 years of experience in State of the Art Microwave Subsystems and Component designs for Instrumentation, Telecommunications and Defense Systems.Our Engineers have held key R & D and manufacturing positions in Raytheon, Hewlett Packard, Microsource, and Liberty Media. Our areas of Expertise include

  • Microwave Low Noise Amplifiers and Power Amplifiers covering 1 MHz to >30 GHz
  • Microwave Narrowband and Broadband Oscillators, Synthesizers, and other signal Sources
  • Microwave YIG Filters and Filter Subsystems
  • RF connectorized filters
  • Modulators and Mixers
  • Frequency Multipliers and Harmonic Generators
  • PIC, Arduino, and FPGA based firmware
  • Low Cost Product Realization
  • Test Systems Development and Documentation
Some examples of the work we have done can be found here
Special Subsystems Integration and PC Board Designs

Quite often, design teams find themselves in a position where they need to integrate multiple functions quickly and effectively, but they do not have the resources to select components and integrate and realize functions that might include Analog, Digital, and RF circuits that have Time to Market constraints.

Pronghorn can help. We routinely design and build state of the art low phase noise circuits that include signal sources, amplifiers, mixers, modulators, switches and complex signal processing circuits all controlled by USB, SPI, LAN based external devices. We design, and build these complex boards, write the controller firmware and Software and test and deliver them.

We can do the same for you.

We have

  • PADS and Altium Based Board Design Capability
  • State of the Art Circuit Design and Analysis Capabilities
  • Microchip PIC based and Arduino based Firmware Development Capabilities
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Professional Based C++ and C# Software development Capabilities
  • A fully equipped Test Lab capable of tesing from DC to 40 GHz

In addition, we can build and deliver any combination of circuits for any applications, including

  • Connectorized and Drop in Modules
  • Software and Firmware Development
  • And, we are willing to offer Consulting Services when you need them


Pronghorn have been Consulting with many companies in many fields in the past with our predecessor company, Asvan Technology. We continue this tradition as part of Pronghorn Services. See MWRF article