Products - PHS8340 M

Our synthesizer product families are the 8300, 8340, 8400, and 8500. The 8300 and the 8340 are Fractional – N Phase Locked Loop (PLL) models, and the 8400 and 8500 are Integer – N PLL models, which results in no so called fractional spurs. Our instruments are protected under US Patents 8611845, 8749282, and 9134355, and a number of other patents that are pending. As can be seen from the Summary Parameters our instrument families represent a wide range of performance. In addition, each instrument is available in one or more of three models, the M for modular, with lowest power consumption, the B for Benchtop, which allows addition of higher power and closed loop leveling capabilities, and the H for Handheld, which allows for Field use, especially when equipped with the available optional battery.

The PHS8340 M, B, and H are Fractional N based PLL Synthesizers. Our Fractional N synthesizers us an advanced Sigma-Delta modulation technique to minimize spurious outputs.

The 8340 Family is available in the Modular 8340M and the Benchtop 8340B Single Output and Multiple output formats. The 8340H version is available with Battery Option in certain Models. Please contact Pronghorn with your specific requirement.


  • Standard Range: 700 MHz to 18 GHz
  • Extendable to > 24 GHz
  • Phase Noise -85 dBc/Hz, 100KHz offset, at 24 GHz
  • Step size options to 1 Hz
  • +5 dBm min at 24 GHz with multiple higher power options
  • >10 dB power variation capability
  • 0 – 55 C temp range with -20 to +70 C option
  • Modulation options (call factory)
  • <100 microsecond switching speed in list mode
  • Single Supply 7.5 V, < 1Amp
  • Power Saver and Quick Start Mode options
  • 100 MHz internal reference
  • 10/100 MHz external reference
  • Ability to do "Specials" Call Factory
  • USB / SPI / LAN Interfaces
  • IVI, SCPI, LabView® and MATLAB® compatibility. GPIB interface option