Products - PHS8300B

The PHS8340 family has superseded the PGS8300 family. We will continue to accept orders for the PHS8300 family from customers who have purchased these units in the past until the end of 2016. The PHS8340 not only has lower phase noise and broader band performance, it also has a faster USB and SPI interface.

The 8300B Bench Top Synthesizer is part of Pronghorn’s 8300 family of microwave synthesizers which cover the frequency range of 10 MHz to 18 GHz. In addition to the Bench Top solution, the family includes a Handheld model (8300H) and Systems Module (8300M) which is controlled via USB or SPI. Any programs written to control the Bench Top solution are 100% compatible with the System Module which can be used for automated manufacturing test and the Handheld version which is often used in field test environments. The 8300 series can be ordered with an upper frequency of 6 GHz, 9 GHz, or 18 GHz.

Handheld Synthesizer 10 MHz – 18.0 GHz

The 8300B has been designed to address a multiplicity of user applications at the lowest cost with no sacrifice in performance. The built in TCXO provides excellent stability and will satisfy the most stringent test applications. The external reference option allows the test engineer additional frequency accuracy.

The phase noise, spurious, and harmonic output performance are comparable to instrument synthesizers that are 10 times heavier and cost many times as much. The 8300B can be controlled from the front panel or from a computer via USB or SPI. The instrument is Labview® and IVI compatible.


  • Frequency Range 10 MHz to 18 GHz
  • Power output > 5 dBm
  • 2 Hz Frequency Resolution
  • Synthesized Frequency Sweep
  • Digital Power Sweep
  • Excellent Phase Noise, Spurious & Stability
  • Excellent Harmonics and Subharmonics
  • Lab Instrument Class performance
  • USB and Front Panel Control
  • Labview®, IVI compatibility
  • Battery option, with 2+ hours of operation
  • Weight < 3 lb
  • Economical
  • Digital Level Control


  • Wireless Infrastructure
  • Automatic Test Systems
  • Laboratory Product Development
  • Component Testing
  • Multi-Tone Tests
  • Power Amplifier Testing
  • Production Testing